European Ph.D on Social Representations and Communication
Short Version for the Thesis

These notes for contributors have been taken from the European Journal of Social Psychology, please adopt all the relevant standards and note the expected requirements when formulating the shorter version of your European PhD thesis for submission to the Final Jury.

Notes for Contributors

The European Journal of Social Psychology is an international forum for original research in all areas of social psychology. It is expected that most published articles will be based on empirical results.
Theoretical and methodological manuscripts will also be considered if they provide significant contributions to the understanding of social phenomena.The length of articles depends on their goal and on the scope of the contribution. Both short and long articles have a place in this journal. However, manuscripts should not exceed a limit of 40 pages (<320 words per page, excluding tables and references). Articles may be reports of empirical research, major reviews of research on specific areas of presentation of orginal theoretical positions.

Initial Manuscript Submission. Six copies of the manuscript (including copies of tables and illustrations) must be submitted. Authors must also supply

  • permission letters it is the author's responsibility to obtain written permission to reproduce (in all media,including electronic) material which has appeared in another publication, and
  • an electronic copy of the final version (see section below).

Submission of a manuscript ,will be held to imply that it contains original unpublished work and is not being submitted for publication elsewhere at the same time. Submitted material will not be returned to the author, unless specifically requested.

Electronic submission. The electronic copy of the final, revised manuscript must be sent together with the paper copy. Disks should be PC or Mac formatted; write on the disk the software package used, the name of the author. We are able to use most word processing packages, but prefer Word or WordPerfect.
Illustrations must be submitted in electronic format where possible. Save each figure as a separate file, in TIFF or EPS format preferably, and include the source file. Write on the disk the software package used to create them, we favour dedicated illustration packages over tools such as Excel or Powerpoint.

Blind review is optional. If manuscripts are to be revieved blind authors' names addresses and affiliation details should appear on on the title sheet. Remove any other obvious means of identifying authorship from the remainder of the text.

Manuscript style. The language of the journal is English, although the Editor will undertake to provide a preliminary evaluation of manuscripts written in French. All submissions must have a title, be printed on one side of the paper be double-line spaced and have a margin of 3cm all round. Illustrations and tables must be printed on separate sheets, and not be incorporated into the text.

The title page must list the full title, and names and affiliations of all authors. Give the full address, including email, telephone and fax, of the author who is to check the proofs.

  • Include the name(s) of any sponsor(s) of the research contained in the paper, along with grant number(s).
  • Supply an abstract of up to 200 words for all articles. An abstract is a concise summary of the whole paper, not just the conclusions, and is understandable without reference to the rest of the paper. It should contain no citation to other published work.